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Tenant Improvements

Getting permission to make alterations or improvements to your home

If you wish to carry out improvements, alterations or additions to your home, you must gain our written permission before you start any work. This includes the fixing of a satellite dish or TV aerial and the erection of a garden shed, greenhouse or fencing. Please contact us giving full details of the work you intend to carry out.

We do not normally withhold permission, but the work must be carried out to our standard and have a minimum of 12 months guarantee.

You may also need to get approval from other parties before you start the work, for example, some work may require building regulation approval and planning permission. All works should be carried out by a suitably qualified contractor, for example, alterations to gas or electrical installations. Our staff can advise on this.

At the end of your tenancy you may be required to leave any fixtures or fittings you have installed or reinstate our original fittings.

No improvements that you make to your home will affect the rent you pay, and there must be no rent arrears outstanding on your account.

Satellite television equipment

We have no objection to you installing satellite television systems, however, in order to ensure that you do not damage the external fabric of the building we do ask that you obtain our written permission. Many of our properties are either solid wall or non-traditional cavity construction, therefore bolting the brackets required to carry a satellite dish may cause structural damage that could result in damp problems. We will be able to advise on the best method of installation but a few guidelines worth considering are as follows:

  • Check that you are not in a conservation area
  • Do not connect the satellite dish to the chimney stack
  • Ensure that the dish is sited lower than the highest part of the roof and should not exceed this height
  • The dish should not exceed 27.5 inches (70cm) in diameter
  • If there is an existing satellite dish erected on the building you must contact the local authority to check if planning permission is required

If you live in a flat and wish to install satellite apparatus that require cables to run through a communal area, you will need to submit a detailed plan before permission can be granted.

Wood or wood effect flooring

You will need written permission from us before fitting wood or wood effect flooring.

Please note that it may be necessary for the flooring to be lifted to allow access for maintenance purposes, for example to access concealed pipework or electric cables. In this instance it is your responsibility for removal and any reinstatement of the flooring. We will not be responsible for re-laying, repairing or making good the flooring. For this reason we would suggest that any flooring you fit is ‘clipped together’ rather than glued.

Wood or wood effect flooring is not covered by standard household insurance. If you have wood or wood effect flooring in your home, please check with your insurer that it is covered, including re-laying and making good any damage.

If you move from the property, you should remove the flooring and reinstate the floor to its original condition.

Compensation for improvements

If your tenancy is coming to an end, you may be able to get compensation from us for certain improvements, such as a new bathroom, toilet, kitchen, central heating and energy efficiency and home security improvements.

You must have received our written permission before carrying out the improvement and will need to submit two estimates from reputable contractors, stating the reason for choosing a particular estimate. Compensation will only be paid at the end of the tenancy and the amount of compensation will not be the full cost of the work as depreciation will be deducted. Most improvements have a notional life of less than 10 years. We suggest that you keep all of the receipts for improvement work that you carry out. This will help us to process your compensation easily, and the amount of compensation will be set against any sums that may be owed to us.

Where the tenancy is terminated through a possession claim, based on breach of Tenancy Agreement, you will not normally be entitled to compensation.