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Reporting Repairs

When you report a repair, you will need to give the following information:

  • A description of the problem and where it is
  • Your name and address, including the postcode
  • Telephone numbers where we can contact you (home and/or work)
  • Details of how to get into your home (if necessary)
How to report your repair

Emergency repairs

For emergency out of hours repairs please ring freephone 0800 917 1773. Unsure if your repair is an emergency? Visit the next section of this guide for more information. 

Non-emergency repairs

You can report your repair here, or by visiting the report a repair section of the main livin website. After contacting us about a repair you will be given an appointment where necessary for us to visit and carry out your repair or pre-inspect where we need to establish the work required. You can check the status of your repair by logging into the Tenant App.


Emergency Repairs

The following repairs are classed as emergency repairs:

  • Total loss of electrical power
  • Unsafe power or lighting socket
  • Serious leaks in water systems which cannot be contained
  • Serious roof leaks which cannot be contained
  • Gas leaks
  • Security of property e.g. fixing locks, boarding up
  • Gain entry to a property (if due to loss of keys, this will be a rechargeable repair)
  • Failure of a stair lift (e.g. where tenant cannot access facilities)

Heating Failures are not classified as emergency repairs, however reasonable adjustments may be considered depending on personal circumstances.

If you have an emergency repair to report during office hours, this can be reported by live chat or telephone on 0800 587 4538. If you have an emergency out of normal working hours, contact our out of hours emergency repairs team on 0800 917 1773. 

You may be asked to help to manage an emergency repair situation until we are able to attend, and our staff will advise you on ways to do this such as turning off the water supply.

Emergency repairs will be carried out in full whenever possible, but in some situations a ‘make safe’ or temporary repair will be carried out until a permanent fix can be made.

We aim to attend and fix all emergency repairs within four hours.

How long your repair should take

When you report a repair it is placed into one of three categories; a repair with an appointment time an emergency repair, or a repair that requires a pre-inspection:

Emergency repair:

These are repairs that require immediate attention. Repairs covered under this section include total loss of electricity, dangerous electrics and leaks which cannot be contained. It will be the responsibility of the operator to determine if the repair is an emergency or not.

Repair with appointment time:

This category is for repairs which can be clearly diagnosed over the telephone and which are not emergency repairs. Our customer service team will make a mutually agreed appointment with you for the repair to be carried out. Where the repair has been reported using My livin Space the appointment will be confirmed this way too.

The repair will be carried out within 40 working days in the majority of cases.

Repairs requiring a pre-inspection:

Where a repair cannot be diagnosed clearly over the telephone, we will carry out an inspection to determine the extent of the repair required.

Our customer service team will make a mutually agreed appointment with you for an inspection to be carried out, and our inspector will inform you of what action we will be taking. Following the inspection, a repair card will be raised for Mears to carry out the works, internal works will be raised and an appointment will be arranged between the tenant and Mears. Where the repair has been reported using My livin Space the appointment will be confirmed this way too.

Repairs to the outside of your home:

Any repairs that are required the external exterior of the property will be carried out within 40 working days. You will be notified of external repair appointments by letter. Where repairs are required to the roof/guttering, these will be passed to our roofing contractor and they will arrange the appointment directly with you.

For repairs to fences/gates/paths, our partners Mears will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.


Allowing us access to your home

Once a repair has been reported, we may need access to your home to carry out the work. You can help us by agreeing suitable appointments and by informing us in advance if these arrangements are no longer suitable.

Prior to the appointment please make sure that our repairs team have access to the area in which they will be working. This will involve you removing any of your fixtures and fittings that may get in the way. You should also take reasonable steps to protect your personal belongings, for example, lift your carpets, move items of furniture and store any fragile or breakable possessions well away from the workplace.

Always ask to see the identity card of anyone who calls at your home to carry out repairs and claims to work for livin or our repairs and maintenance partner, Mears. All staff carry identification cards. If you are unsure, do not let them into your home and contact us for advice.

Appointment reminders

Before an appointment takes place, if we have your mobile telephone number we will send you a text message to remind you that we are coming to carry out the repair. This will give you a further opportunity to contact us if the appointment is no longer suitable. You can update your personal details including mobile telephone number in My livin Space.

Missed appointments

Once an appointment has been made with you to carry out a repair, you need to arrange for yourself or another adult to be present for the duration of the works. If you repeatedly fail to allow access for a repair we may make a charge. 


Quality assurance

We may need to inspect the works once your repair has been completed, to make sure that this has been done to the correct standard. We will also carry out a satisfaction survey during the quality inspection to establish if you are happy with the service provided.

Your feedback is helpful to us as it can be used to improve the services that we provide.

Emergency access

There may be circumstances where we need to gain access to your home urgently; for example a sudden flood or a gas leak. If you are unavailable, we will make attempts to contact you, however, we may need to force entry without your permission. In these circumstances we will involve the emergency services, leave your home secure, and leave contact details for when you return.

Chargeable repairs

We only charge you for the work if the damage is caused deliberately, an accident or by neglect. We may come and inspect the fault before issuing a repair to decide whether it is rechargeable.

If your repair is rechargeable we will let you know how much you will have to pay and you will be asked to sign an ‘acceptance for recharge’ form before we agree to do the work.

Depending on the nature of the repair, we may require you to make payment prior to the repair work being carried out. Once the work is completed we will send you a bill for any remaining payment. If you want time to pay the money we can make an agreement to collect it in instalments. If the bill is not paid, or the payment of the instalments maintained, we could take legal action to recover the debt.

You should know that outstanding debt may also prevent you transferring to another one of our homes. We will also decide whether a breach of tenancy agreement has occurred and deal with this appropriately where necessary.

Refusing a repair

You can refuse to have this work done, but not if the damage poses a health and safety issue or risks further damage being caused to your home. In these circumstances, we may decide to gain entry to your home to carry out the repair.

You can choose to do the work yourself, but we must be allowed to come and check that the work has been completed to an acceptable standard. If the work is not to an acceptable standard we will carry out the remedial work and recharge the costs to you.

Repairs on terminating your tenancy

If you terminate your tenancy we will carry out a pre termination inspection of your home. If there is any damage identified you will have the opportunity to rectify the damage while you are still living in the property. Any damage found after you have vacated the property will be repaired and you will be recharged.