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Aids & Adaptations

livin has an accredited aids and adaptations service which may be able to provide the help and support required to assist you or a household member maintain independence to remain in your home.

Minor works
  • Grab rails
  • Additional bannister rails
  • Hand rails
  • Lever taps
  • Half steps

You can apply for minor works to be done by getting in touch, making sure you include what you wish to have done and why. Please contact us for more details

If necessary, a visit from our occupational therapist will be arranged before works are agreed. 

Major works
  • Wet area showers
  • Ramps
  • Stair lifts

If you require major works, or the occupation therapist determines that major works are required, these will be carried out by Durham County Council who will visit you and make recommendations as to what needs to be done. To apply for major works, contact Durham County Council Social Care Direct on 03000 267979.

Who will carry out and pay for the works?

Minor works will be funded and carried out by livin. Major works will also be funded by livin, however, if the costs exceed £15,000 it will be necessary to apply for extra funding from the Disabled Facilities Grant through Durham County Council.

Motorised scooters

livin will not provide any adaptations or storage facilities for motorised scooters. You can apply for permission to carry out this work at your own cost, subject to approval from livin. 

Hospital discharge

If you or a household member is being discharged from hospital, an assessment of your home environment will be arranged to ensure it will be safe. If any work is required to enable a discharge from hospital, livin will ensure these are completed urgently following a referral from the hospital. 

Appeals process

Tenants who are not satisfied with the aids and adaptations service should request a case review. If a decision has been made in compliance with livin’s Aids and Adaptations Policy then no further action will be taken. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of this review you can make a complaint following livin’s formal complaints procedure.

What if my home cannot be adapted?

If your home cannot be reasonably adapted to meet your needs, Durham County Council or livin’s Occupational Therapist will explain this to you and assist in re-housing you. This might be a move to a property which will meet your needs straight away, or a property which can be suitably adapted to meet your needs.